White Chocolate Popcorn Crack

Last night was a typical wild and crazy party Friday night! Except that it wasn’t. We stayed home and vegetated, but a good time was had by all. Mainly, because of the snacks. We had party snacks! Well, we had one party snack, but it was so good that I’m dedicating an entire post to the beauty that is White Chocolate Popcorn.

A couple of days before we left Mom and Dad’s to make the great trek back to the Northeastern Tundra, a family friend brought by some snacks for the road. She had gone to the party store and bought a few of those cardboard popcorn boxes, the ones that look like this:


She had filled them with, what I thought at first, was plain old popcorn. Don’t get me wrong, I like popcorn, but I’m not a fan of cold popcorn. I like it hot and dripping with butter. Upon closer inspection, I realized that our friend had written White Chocolate Popcorn on the side of the box. Que pasa? Qu’est-ce que c’est? (I’m trying to give this blog a little more of an international flavor.) I was intrigued, but a little leery. This could be really wonderful or not so much so. I didn’t have time then to investigate further. In fact, I didn’t even taste the popcorn until we were in the car on the first day of our road trip. I tasted it, and almost wrecked. Good grief, Charlie Brown, this stuff is amazing!!

I emailed our friend and asked her to send me the recipe. There is absolutely nothing to it, sports fans! Here it is in recipe form, but basically all you do is pop a bag of microwave popcorn, melt some almond bark or white chocolate, pour it over the popcorn, and stir. Spread it out on some waxed paper to cool and to keep it from clumping together. That is all in the world there is to it. 

I made it last night and the rest of the fam loved it. “Wait a minute,” I hear you interjecting, “haven’t the kids already eaten it before? Didn’t they have some on the road trip?” Well, surprisingly, no. They didn’t. I meant to pass it back to them, but it didn’t happen. Before you judge me, each child had his/her own snack box filled with their favorite snacks. And they had junk food that Mom doesn’t usually buy them. And I didn’t ask for a single Pez or gummy. Okay, I had a few Pez, but no one gave me even one gummy. And I was driving! Eyes on the road and all that jazz! I can’t be turning around to pass out snacks! Can’t a mom have one thing that’s only hers? Yeah, you’re right, I should have shared, but now that we have the magic recipe, we can enjoy white chocolate popcorn crack anytime we want. In fact, I want some right now. 

But let me finish this first. I was just going to tell you that I thought this would be a great gift idea. Put it with a DVD or a movie theater gift card or a free rental to the local video store. I’m going to take some to the family that just had a new baby when it’s my night to bring a meal. I remember when my Little People were babies I had a little snack center beside my chair. I’d snack while I nursed. Seriously, are you judging me again? Yes, I may have dropped a crumb or two on a nursing baby’s head, but I needed my strength! 

Anyway, enjoy the popcorn. The first taste is free, after that you buy your own.



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14 responses to “White Chocolate Popcorn Crack

  1. Abbey G.

    Found you at SCL today and your comment was so funny that you’re the first blog I clicked to….great stuff!

  2. whimzie

    Abbey G! I don’t know if you’ll ever come back, but I was trying to send you an email and I lost your email address! Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime. By the way, I went back to SCL to see if I could find your address there and found your bookstore. If you only knew the depth of my book addiction. If I only I lived anywhere near Georgia!!

  3. Wow! This sounds perfect for us movie buffs! Gonna pass this on to Caro!

  4. Deena

    This makes a cute snack if you throw in some red/green Christmas M&Ms or the pink Valentine ones.

  5. whimzie

    @Jeff (since that’s how the cool Twitterers do it): I’m telling you, once you go white chocoloate popcorn crack, there’s no coming back!

    Deena: What a great idea! I could even throw in some of the green ones for St. Patrick’s Day!! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better!

  6. I’m heading to Wal-mart for the ingredients. Okay, who am I kidding, I’m sending my hubby to Wally World. I’ve been there was already today. But we’ll be having some tonight none-the-less!

  7. carpoolqueen

    I just saw a recipe for a dip in my newspaper called “buffalo chicken wing crack dip” (which I’m going to try and hope it’s not misspelled as c-r-a-p dip) and have it with the popcorn.

  8. whimzie

    Carpoolqueen, I will visit you in rehab.

  9. whimzie

    P.S., Carpoolqueen, I don’t think I would dip the popcorn in the buffalo chicken wing crack/crap dip, but that’s just me.

  10. whimzie

    Lori, let me know what you think!

  11. Guess what I have in my pantry? Popcorn kernels and almond bark. SO trying this. Maybe tomorrow when I’m home (again) with my pinkalicious pink-eye girl. I even have some of those fun popcorn containers that are hard plastic…bought them years ago from the Target dollar spot. GREAT investment too.

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