Let’s kiss and make up…..or just make up!




My friend from college that I wish I’d known better back then  has started a fun bloggy game where she posts TEN things on the TENTH of each month. At the time she announced it, I wasn’t sure if I was going to play because I haven’t been in a very bloggy place lately. But since then, I’ve decided that this blog adds a sense of normalcy to my life that I have been sorely missing. Plus I hate to think that everyone else will be having fun with Alice (That’s our family version of “having fun without us.” I’ll tell you the whole story later, but if you don’t stop interrupting me we’ll never get to the end of this post and we all have things to do today. I have to bring snacks to small group tonight. What would be good to bring? Seriously! Stop getting me off track!).

So without (much) further ado, I proudly present…..


I don’t know that I would absolutely be categorized as a girly girl, but I really do enjoy makeup. I am, after all, a card carrying Southern girl. However, I don’t even wear it every day. In fact, I’m glad you can’t see me right this instant. You would find this post quite ironic, I think.


   1.  SEPHORA! I love this store. Some of my friends prefer Ulta, but I love me some    Sephora!  I prefer the free-standing Sephoras to the Sephora, Jr. stores they have in some  J.C. Penney stores.  The Sephora I visit now doesn’t have the friendliest staff so I try to  know what I want to look at before I go there. I love that they keep up with how much I  spend (Because I’m a Beauty Insider, don’t you know. Don’t get excited. It’s a free service  that they offer to everyone.) and after you’ve spent a set amount of money there you get a  free sample. I LOVE free samples!! And I love that they gave me a cute  cupcake flavored scented body wash for my birthday. They really shouldn’t have! I love  having so many different brands of stuff all in one place. Let’s go to Sephora, people!!


shu-uemura-curler2. Shu Uemura eyelash curler

    For years I’ve seen this eyelash curler in different magazines. For my birthday last year I decided to give myself this and Tweezerman tweezers (more on those later). My dear sweet baby brother has my eyelashes. I don’t mean they look like mine. I mean he has the ones that I’m certain were supposed to be mine. So he walks around with naturally long, thick, curly lashes and I use this. Life lesson? Life’s not fair. Acknowledge and move on.




blinc-kiss-me-mascara3. Blinc Mascara by Kiss Me

    It’s weird to me that my mascara says “Kiss Me” but I guess “Look at Me” sounded a little needy. Anyway, for years I’ve suffered with raccoon eye disease. I have dark circles to start with (Thanks again, heredity!) that were always compounded by the layer of mascara that always ended up under my eyes. It would have been great if I were going for a football player look, but I am so far away from being athletic that I could never pull it off. Instead I always looked like haggard stayed-too-long-at-the-party girl. I tried everything. I’m convinced that some of my eye wrinkles are from constantly rubbing mascara from under my eyes. My friends were sick of my standard question: “Do I have stuff under my eyes?” That is until I found this mascara! It actually forms little tubes around your lashes. It’s important to know that because when you take it off, it looks like your actual eyelashes are coming out which can cause a slight freakage at first…or so I’ve heard. Anyway, this mascara ROCKETH!


tweezerman_mini_slant_tweezers_large24. The Tweezerman Tweezers.

This is the other gift I bought myself for my birthday last year. They are really great tweezers when you know where they are. Mine have been missing for several months. If you’ve seen them, please send them home.  








bulgari_omnia65ml_lrg1 4. Omnia perfume by Bulgari

I have several unused bottles of perfume that I never finished. I liked them at first but got tired of them after awhile. This is the first perfume that I ever used until the bottle was empty and I’m now on my second bottle. 





309587_fpxtif5. Amazing Grace and Pure Grace by Philosophy

I bought these as sample bottles at Sephora. I like the sample sizes because I can make makeup and perfume last a LONG time. These are great everyday fragrances because they are light and smell very clean. I love the names Philosophy gives its products. Last time I was in Sephora I was given a sample of Hope in a Jar moisturizer. It was good, but I think next time I need to try When Hope Is Not Enough (is that the best name ever?!)





143138_fpxtif6. High Intensity Hand Cream by bliss

Again, I buy the sample size of this at Sephora because it isn’t cheap. I like that it truly moisturizes without making my hands feel greasy.












camille2  7. Camille Beckman Glycerine Rosewater

    My mom gave this to me and it’s one of my very favorite lotions. I love the way the glycerine makes my skin feel. It has a very, light rose scent. To me, it smells very southern. Side note: When I was in high school I wore  a foundation simply because the saleslady told me that it was the foundation Vivian Leigh wore when she played Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. Yeah, I’m the sucker you can see coming a mile away. Anyway, I also love the name Camille. We almost named the Princess Diva Camille. It was between that and Bubbles. No, really! But again, that’s another story for another day!

m5y1251   8. Longwear lipstick

    I put my makeup on once and it needs to last for the rest of the day. Despite my love of makeup, I really don’t spend a   lot of time on self-maintenance. I like the longwear lipsticks because I need for my lipstick to stay on from the time I    put  it on until I’m finished for the day. I’m currently looking for a new shade of lipstick.  Right now I’ve noticed  that everyone on TV seems to be wearing just a shade darker than their natural lips. It’s not really a nude look, but a healthy, baby lips color. I wish I could find it in a longwear lipstick.


      9. Hot Mama blush by The Balm

    I’d love to tell you that I love this just because it’s a great product. It is, but I think the main thing I love about it is the cool retro compact and the name. Who doesn’t want to be a Hot Mama?

questionmark_blog10. The Next Great Product

Oh, the possibilities! I know that somewhere in Sephora is the perfect moisturizer that erases all signs of aging, the most flawless concealer that makes dark circles vanish, and the best shade of lipstick ever.  I know that somewhere someone has a product to make my lips fuller, my eyes brighter, my hair shinier, and my nose smaller. It will make my teeth like perfect white Chiclets. It will fold and put away my laundry and cook our meals. It will make me abetter wife and mother and citizen. I just have to find it. 😉

Yeah, this post was completely shallow and of no lasting significance. But I have to tell you, it was a lot of fun!


UPDATE: I can’t believe I left this one out!

moroccan-oil   My hairdresser (or are you supposed to say “stylist” now? Hairdresser sounds outdated) used this and I fell in love with it. I mainly love the smell but it makes your hair shiny and it makes your hair dry faster, too! I bought the small bottle because you only need the tiniest amount.



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11 responses to “Let’s kiss and make up…..or just make up!

  1. carpoolqueen

    Oh, you do not KNOW how much I have missed our product talks.

    Your 10th thing needs to be Photo Finish by smashbox. You put it on under your foundation and it goes on like glass. And makes my pores seem smaller. And I will spend whatever it takes for smaller pores.

    I have four eyelash curlers, but I keep forgetting to use them. I don’t know if they do anything for me since I gave up mascara two years ago.

  2. whimzie

    You know I thought about putting primer as my 10th but I’m in between primers right now. I’m almost out of the one that came with my mineral makeup. I didn’t like it as well as Photo Finish but I didn’t like Photo Finish as well as English Ideas primer. I started using it when we lived in Hawaii but Sephora quit selling it. You can get it online but it’s kind of a hassle to find it. I’m also in the market for a new moisturizer and foundation. Any suggestions?

  3. I have the same racoon eye disorder. Your mascara sounds like it was sent straight from Heaven. Must find me some of that. Pronto.

  4. Haha, I loved your list! Thanks for coming by my blog. Don’t be a stranger!!!! Hey, then maybe you can go skydiving with , haha!! Hope you have an awesome day!!! :o)

  5. Alright…this is AMAZING. I don’t know if we have Sephora here (probably do, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t frequent the mall!) but I’m going to find one soon….

    for the perfume
    for the eyelash curler
    for the mascara
    and for the handcream (my climate is SO harsh on my hands!)

    I have some pink Tweezerman tweezers and you can’t even begin to imagine how mad I was when I discovered my children using them to try and pry something apart with them. They’re forever stretched and slighly bent. I think you can send them in and they’ll fix them though…should look into that, huh?

    Thanks for playing along, Amy!

  6. Oh, this is delicious in the most delicious way. How I lurve to talk make up with someone who really likes it! I’m using bare escentuals primer. Not bad, but I can’t compare it to others. I like Amazing Grace, too. And Happy by Clinique. But my big girl scent is Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan. I’m now on my second bottle. It’s taken me a long time to find something I like all the time, too.

    Must get eyelash curler and tweezers asap!

  7. That High Intensity hand cream is what I desperately need this time of year. I’ll check it out!

  8. Hey! I’m visiting from Mer’s place. I’m not a make up person usually but I do have some faves. Maybe one of these would round out your list. First is the Supernatural powder from Philosophy. It’s great! So smooth and it gives just the right touch of color to your face. No need to wear heavy make up. Woo Hoo

    Second would be the concealor/powder combo and the corrector from Bobbi Brown. I have a friend who told me about this stuff and I usually am not a high end type of girl. Too costly for me especially with three peeps. But let me tell you, this stuff is the best AND it lasts and lasts. The best part is that it REALLY does conceal the dark circles under your eyes. Woo Hoo

  9. Furiously taking notes here….I love your favorites list! Those tweezers and the eyelash curlers look like must haves for me.

  10. Rebecca

    I’ve never used eyelash curlers but I know that I need to…I may have to pick those up.

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