Whatsoever you doeth unto my snowman, you doeth unto me…


I bought these little snowmen at Christmas Tree Shops, one of my very favorite happy places. The Little People were with me when I bought them and I let each one pick one.  They’re standing in the foyer right as you walk up the stairs from our front entrance. The Little People have greatly entertained themselves with the snowmen this season. I never know what condition the snowmen will be in each day.

Apparently on this particular day, SnowGirl was feeling gymnastic (is that an adjective?) and the SnowBoys felt supportive:

img_0327Yeah, I know, the picture quality on this one is much better. That’s because it was taken with a real camera versus a camera phone. 

The past couple of days, The Two Little People That Were Born on the Same Day (I don’t like to call them “The Twins”) have NOT been getting along with each other. They’ve had isolated incidents in the past, but it’s unusual for them to have a prolonged period of not being able to tolerate each others’ guts. We’ve had a lot of hitting/kicking/tattling/weeping/wailing/ gnashing of teeth…a real treat for the whole family to enjoy. This morning Baby Boy Child ran up the stairs with some sob story about being hit/pinched/breathed on by The Princess Diva because he had “borrowed” a toy/a crayon/her birthright, I forget. My latest tactic for handling this newly intensified sibling rivalry has been to stare blankly at whomever’s giving his/her side of the story. This isn’t a new technique I picked up in the latest parenting book/magazine/blog. I stare because…I’ve got nothing. Yeah, you heard me. My newest parenting philosophy birthed out of desperation and my fragile attempt at survival is: When I don’t know what to do, I just do nothing.

Anyway, apparently Baby Boy Child somehow realized that to retaliate would probably end up badly for him, but he couldn’t let Princess Diva’s deeds go unpunished so I walked in the foyer to find this:

img_00411On further investigation, I found this by the front door:


Whatever keeps us out of therapy, Baby Boy.



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10 responses to “Whatsoever you doeth unto my snowman, you doeth unto me…

  1. carpoolqueen

    Oh, that’s rich. So very rich….

  2. "me"

    Thank you for making me laugh! It may keep me out of further therapy. Oh, the joys of motherhood! I know it sounds crazy but enjoy as many as you can! I love you more> SHMILY!

  3. Rebecca

    Wow…that’s great.

  4. I have to tell you that I lost it when I got to the last picture. Priceless.

  5. So sad for the girl snowman. 🙂 Sad and funny.

  6. What a creative little fellow. I’m going to have to try the blank stare…although, I think I’ve done it out of sheer necessity already. But this time…I’ll mean it!

  7. wandered over here after your very incredible comment (hadn’t thought about the root metaphor, but you’re absolutely right!) and have been enjoying exploring your blog. Your writing style fantastic~ and this post?
    totally made me laugh right on out loud.

    funny stuff!

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  9. ok that is hilarious. for real hilarious 🙂 and i love your technique – it’s the same one I use when jayci hits me in the face with that look in her eyes. i mean she’s only one and a half – surely she didnt actually MEAN to hit my cheek? right? . . .

  10. *wiping tears*

    how did I forget how absolutely HILARIOUS this post was?

    oh, I love this post.

    (and remembering ‘meeting’ you, too!)

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