Thou shalt not show favoritism….


When I saw the invitation on LifeAt7000Feet’s blog to join the Favorites Party, I think all I saw was the “party.” I didn’t even think about what was meant by “favorites.” I just thought about it when I heard the topic for today’s blog. Today we were supposed to write about our favorite gift. Oh, I get it! We’re going to be blogging about “favorites” every Tuesday for the rest of the year. Somebody just shoot me now.

What’s the big deal, you might ask? Well, you might ask that if you don’t know me very well. See, I’m not very good at making lists of favorite anythings. For example, ask me what my favorite color is. Well, what exactly do you mean? Favorite color to wear? Favorite color of sucker? Favorite color to paint a wall? I know a lot of really great colors. It seems wrong to let just one be the favorite.

But, you have a blog, you might say. To have a blog, you must have definite opinions on things, right? (Are you getting a little tired of me putting words in your mouth? I mean, you might not say that at all. I realize that, but just play along for now, please.) Well, for me, I guess the answer would be yes and no. I have strong opinions on many things. I just also reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

I think I can say without too great a debate with myself that I have a favorite movie (The Man From Snowy River), favorite Bible verse(s) (Jeremiah 29:11-13), and a favorite comic strip character (Charlie Brown, who’s known for being wishy washy, so that fits). After that, I have a hard time nailing anything down as an absolute favorite.  I would say, for example, that Coke is my favorite soft drink. But there are days when only a Dr. Pepper will hit the spot.  This may become known as the blog where the fact that I have “issues” became even more widely known. Oh, well. It was all bound to come out eventually.



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5 responses to “Thou shalt not show favoritism….

  1. I totally understand (Whoops! Are you supposed to say that anymore-“totally”? Isn’t that totally uncool? Can you say “uncool” anymore? All of this is making me say my favorite line: “We have a group for that.” Excuse me, all of this is making me need to call my sponsor.

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